Ready to ship

At Alisa Brides, we understand your anticipation and excitement more than anyone else. We know it can be tiring to just sit there and wait for everything to arrive at the eleventh hour. While that is a price you have to pay for custom created bridal accessories, we have the perfect alternative for those who don’t have much time on their hands. Our ready to ship variety of bridal accessories is available as soon as overnight to many locations. You can expect the same quality with an added advantage of quick delivery.

Alisa Brides ready to ship bridal items list is full of accessories and items that brides often forget to order till the last minute. In many cases, brides deliberately wait for the wedding dress to arrive before they can order jewelry and accessories that pay a perfect complement to the dress. In both cases, you can take advantage of our ready-to-ship range. The items we select for this list is based on most commonly ordered last minute products. You would be surprised to learn that these include everything ranging from garters to veils and headbands. We keep adding new items on the list according to the changing trends and rising demand for a particular product.

Our ready to ship items will reach you within the minimum possible time depending on your location. One thing we can assure you is that, it is the fastest and quickest way to go as compared to customized ordering from our shop. So, if your event is just around the corner and you realize that you missed a piece of bridal accessory or that your dress might look incomplete without a cathedral veil, we will save your big day!