At Alisa Brides, we recommend the popular fingertip length for brides that love lace and tulle, but require a practical and subtle silhouette. Fingertip veils frame your bodice and draw attention to your waist. Alisa Brides, as the leading bridal accessories online store, present a breathtaking collection of gorgeous fingertip veils.

Fingertip veils are all the rage these days. They are perfect for sleeker and even shorter gowns. The hemline of these contemporary yet refined veils ends close to the fingertips at 42”. However, we are happy to accommodate a custom length if your proportions require shorter or longer veils. Yes, we have a fingertip veil for you all! And our variety ranges from a flowing American illusion tulle veil to more glamorous options including French Alencon lace, exclusive vintage lace, Swarovski crystals, and hand embroidery. Take a look at our gallery and find one that will add to the beauty of your gown.

There is more than one reason as to why Alisa Brides is the best place to get your fingertip veil. Apart from the varying length and style, we offer you the convenience of placing a customized order according to your needs. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in using only the finest elements and skilled handcrafting in the making of these accessories for brides.