• Monday, June 19, 2017

    All Hail the Queen

    This week's post is not about bridal fashion (gasp...) but I'd like to dig a little deeper into why we do the things we do and how we do them, as it pertains to creativity.

    My husband and I were lucky to win the bid of a private tour of Martha Stewart's gardens at a charity auction. The charity is Friends of Karen; it is an amazing foundation that supports families of ill children in their daily lives. Please read about it and contribute if you have an opportunity. I am very grateful that my good friend Julie Henick introduced us to the cause. You can read more about this experience on Martha's Blog.

    The best part about the tour was seeing the fruit of Martha's labor and learning about her. At 75 years old, this woman tends to her own 150 acre garden, helps to feeds the animals (beautiful horses, ponies, chickens, donkeys,) cooks, bakes, designs floral arrangements, plans and hosts parties, spends quality time with her daughter and grandchildren, and I'm sure that there are other tasks that I didn't hear or forgot about. She even manages to achieve all this while keeping deep and personal relationships with her massive staff. Everyone we encountered raves about the kind individual Martha is. The passion in life to create beauty and the perseverance to follow through with the hard work that goes into that is quite admirable in my opinion. Furthermore, everything that she touches, is done so with the utmost care and love. In addition, every ingredient she sources is of the highest quality. No expense is spared. This idea is something that I strive to achieve and live by.

    It reminds me of two life experiences. One being just a conversation I had with a very influential professor in my senior year at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He told me that every piece of work, whether it be fine art, design project, or a document, that an individual submits to the world, is a representation of everything that he or she is. Another memory is my trip to Italy in 2012. I was truly inspired of how much love the people of this country put into everything that they do. From the world famous works of art by DaVinci and Boticelli and the mind-blowing architecture of the Vatican, to the expertly crafted pasta, pizza, cheese, gelato, even cappuccinos, to even the manicure I received! Every person I encountered preformed their craft to the level of it being the most important project of their lives.

    Now, the experience of learning about Martha will stay with me, and add to the goals I seek to achieve as a designer. I want to continue getting carried away with everything that we produce. My team and I take great pride in using the finest production methods and I am incredibly selective with materials and ethics that go into Alisa Brides.

    IMG_1480 (1)



  • Wednesday, May 31, 2017

    Bridal Goes Sexy


    Alisa Brides is just thrilled to introduce images from a shoot we were a part of with a gorgeous television star!
    E!'s popular WAGS show (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Celebrities) collaborated with Galore Magazine on a sexy bridal photoshoot featuring the stunning Nicole Williams!

    Mere weeks after the shoot, Nicole married Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker, Larry English in Laguna Beach. You can read more about the gorgeous wedding here.


    Nicole wore three pieces from our collection for this shoot. Above is the Kendall veil. Featured in white and fingertip length, Kendall is a two tier veil handsewn with beautiful scalloped vintage lace, encrusted with vintage pearls and sequins. The organic, floral shape is very popular now because it looks stunningly feminine against the face and skin. The shoot was styled by Kendall Finzer using gorgeous components, such as Vanessa Mooney earrings and The Line by K top and pants in the above shot.

    Our favorite shot of the day is this one, where Nicole is wearing the Marina veil. Chosen in cathedral length and white color, this is a beautiful mantilla from our premier collection at Kleinfeld Bridal. This veil consists of a narrow scalloped trim of vintage French Alencon lace and vintage sequins, elevated by intermittent intricate appliques around the edge. Ms. Williams is shown with it draped over her, stylistically, as a drop veil would be. She is wearing a Yandy bridal corset and Eres satin briefs.

    Nicole has great taste, and chose to wear our bestselling Vicky garter not only for this photoshoot but for her actual wedding! This garter is all about bling with the whole front comprised of large crystals in infinity and diamond shapes. It has never looked sexier than on Nicole Williams, while wearing pants and top by TLZ L'FEMME, sexy boots by Ami Clubwear, and pretty earrings by Vanessa Mooney. A few more doses of this sexiness below:



    You can read more about the shoot on Galore.

  • Monday, April 17, 2017

    A Fairytale Affair

    Sweetheart Nicole has exquisite taste, so it is of no surprise that her wedding was absolutely stunning. Her appreciation for detail, quality, and vendors' hard work and time resulted in stunning memories of a perfect day. I am very excited to share the beauty that was put together with wonderful synergy.



    The bridal party enjoyed accommodations and day of preparations at The Westminster Hotel in Livingston, NJ. I love Livingston, it's a quiet, historic town with beautiful homes and lots of nature.
    Hair design was provided by
    Senada Kanaqi Ceka, @senadakxo and makeup was applied by Drita Pali, @glamourbydrita.
    Nicole looked absolutely flawless on her wadding day.



    The ceremony took place in Immaculate Conception Church in Montclair, NJ. The custom veil Alisa Brides designed was a beautiful part of the Catholic ceremony. It was a drop veil, at 160"(!) with beautifully graduating lace from an ultra wide dramatic hem to a delicately scalloped trim around the blusher, which was ceremoniously lifted at the altar. It was created from a one of a kind piece of vintage French Alencon lace that cannot be replicated. Nicole was originally inspired by the popular Grace Veil from our 2014 collection but as the Grace veil is also designed with vintage lace, it isn't available in white.



    All wedding events were gorgeously photographed by Heyn Photography in Fair Haven, NJ. Bride and Groom photos were taken at Van Vleck House and Gardens in Montclair, NJ. The historic structure and lush greenery was the perfect backdrop to the romantic photos this lovely couple will treasure.



    The stunning reception took place at The Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ. The beautiful Italian style reliefs and grand chandeliers make this a very memorable venue. We actually visited this glamorous location for photoshoot scouting a few years ago. George Procovas of 13th Avenue Florist decorated the space perfectly.

    Fashion was on point, of course, too, with the bride wearing Demetrios, and groom in Ike Behar. Bridesmaids adorned Adrianna Pappell.

    Thank you, Nicole, for honoring Alisa Brides with being a part of your lovely wedding.

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017

    Gorgeous in Austin


    It was an immense pleasure to view Carolina's stunning photos this week. It wasn't because the Elenora Veil which she picked out looked flawless with her couture dress, or because she's beautiful, but because she is such a lovely person. This was evident in each interaction I had with her, and shines right through the photos. The couple is obviously in love and that is wonderful to see!



    Carolina ordered the mantilla veil in a Cathedral length and white in color, which allowed for gorgeous movement and glamour.

    The traditional elements presented in a contemporary fashion was the perfect combination for this Houston bride getting married in Austin!








  • Tuesday, February 21, 2017

    Classic New York Wedding


    Beautiful Jackie married Jon this summer at The Intercontinental Barclay hotel in New York City. The grand hotel, as well as St. Jean Baptiste Church where the ceremony was held, offered a beautiful background to the stunning couple. Intercontinental-Barclay-Wedding-024_1000x667

    Steven Stak captured all the beautiful moments. Jackie wore an off the shoulder A-line dress with lace appliques on the bodice and a delicate sash. I created a drop veil with a clean edge and gorgeous vintage French Alencon lace at the train, custom for the bride.









  • Thursday, January 19, 2017

    All About the Mantilla


    The mantilla we know today is a delicate wedding veil that allows a little drama by showcasing pretty lace around the bride's face. However, when it originated in 1500's Spain, it was more opaque and worm higher up on woman's head using a comb called the peineta. Below is an example depicted by John Bagnold Burgess in the nineteenth century.


    Selecting the mantilla option makes the veil more memorable and special. The beautiful accessory would show in all the wedding photos (while you have it on.) I usually suggest this style for brides that love lace, a vintage theme, and are more daring.

    Brooke was going for the romantic, Spanish look, and Noelle really wanted to show off the vintage lace she fell in love with in my studio.


    Rebecca and Sarah loved how the subtle sparkle in the beaded lace around thewir faces added a special something to their bridal ensembles.

    Ashley and I came up with something different. Her mantilla was delicate and narrow around the edges, with intricate designs a bit wider at the crown.


    If you choose to go with a mantilla, grab a great photographer, and you are guaranteed dramatic bridal portraits!brittany1

  • Thursday, January 5, 2017

    Bridal Portraits


    I have created many veils that were photographed at bridal portraits in the south, especially Texas! Lately, however, I'm noticing the trend creeping up north. Some brides are taking advantage of the luxury of a full bridal photoshoot that results in beautiful portraits. Fresh hair and makeup without the stress of your wedding day is also a great opportunity to preview the wedding day look and be able to make any necessary adjustments.

    Below are a few photos of gorgeous bride Christine, taken locally to me, in Westchester. The photographer, Jessica Miccio, perfectly captured the serene surroundings as a background to the bride's beauty.


    Christine's veil was as unique as she is! A cathedral length in a light ivory color with tiny appliques of vintage French Alencon lace trickling down from the comb just around her face. The veil was accentuated by a trim of the same lace at the hem.

    Her stunning dress was by Israeli super-designer, Zahavit Tshuba, and the jewelry was by Swarovski.


    You can see more photos on the photographer's site here.

  • Thursday, December 22, 2016

    Custom Design


    I really enjoy designing special creations for individual brides. To be able to work with a wonderful bride, be inspired by her gown and theme, and keeping her preferences in mind, is the best part of my day. It is a true blessing to be able to create and design.

    Kelly from St Louis, MO was interested in a unique lace, which I was able to achieve by cutting appliques out of a beautiful French trim. The final creation was a cathedral length ivory veil that bunched at the comb. She wore an elegant lace V-neck gown with a natural waist and an Aline skirt. The images were beautifully captured by J.Design Studios.

    If you are interested in having me create a custom veil for you, please get in touch.




  • Wednesday, December 14, 2016

    Westchester Magazine


    We are just ecstatic to have been interviewed for the "Trends" section of Westchester Magazine Weddings 2017 Issue. To be published in this magazine is a great honor, it is very highly regarded all over the Hudson Valley, and is expertly edited. I was asked to describe the hot trends for spring 2017 and really enjoyed discussing all the beautiful lace, rose gold, and boho vibes. The conversation inspired me to put together something special that I will reveal very soon into the New Year!

    Below is the snippet about veils and headpieces. I am very flattered to be featured next to Kleinfeld's photo and opinions, as well as our neighbor from Mt Kisco, Be Unique Boutique. We all agree that halos, horsehair, and rose gold are in the moment. You can read in more detail on Westchester Magazine's Website.


    We are happy that the magazine chose this image and are obsessed with the Giselle veil.

    The editor also included a photo of our Marissa Garter Set. It fits well into the spring's elegant scene.

    Before elaborating into my own collection, Westchester MAgazine introduced my excitement for lace, quoting the surprising elements I was noticing featuring lace:

    This was actually not my first time featured in Westchester Magazine. The magazine wrote about a wedding that I designed two veils for. The Pastorini Wedding at the Rhinebeck in Duchess county was gorgeous. Bonus, the bride is a close friend and I was in the bridal party (second to the right.)

    Jessie Mignone provided all of Alisa Brides photos that were featured in the magazine. You can see all the beautiful photography here:

    width="625" Giselle Mantilla

    giselle31k giselle1giselle61kgiselle5marissa1


  • Thursday, December 8, 2016

    My Obsession with Lace

    Sometimes, as I receive beautiful photos from brides, such as Brittany's above, all I can think is "I'm in love with that lace!" It's a good thing that I get to work with lace every day because I am so fascinated by the intricacies of the motif, the soft feel, the different shapes of trims, even how the same lace looks in different colors.
    I would like to share a mini-lace lesson with you guys, explaining the major "big guys" types that you will see more often as you're shopping for your weddings.

    1. Alencon Lace - This is currently the King of laces. Genuine Alencon Lace is produced in Alencon, France. It's cotton based for a soft, organic feel and is reimbroidered around the delicate shapes within the lace. This embroidery makes the lace sturdy enough to be able to withstand generations as an heirloom piece if it's constructed properly with handsewing. French Alencon features delicate fringe, often called "eyelash" fringe. The lace on Brittany's veil is vintage French Alencon, and is probably my most favorite of all time! I just love how the soft scallop shape is delicate and flatering, and the rose motif is really romantic. This particular lace is subtly beaded with pearls and sequins that gently glimmers in the light, but blends in daylight.


    There are beautiful Alencons that are created outside of France as well. They hold shape better, and traditionally don't feature long, separate eyelsh fringe. This delicate, beautiful lace was produced in the Phillipines in the 1970s.

    Photogrphy by Betsy Tomasillo Photogrphy by Betsy Tomasillo

    2. Chantilly Lace - A close French relative of the Alencon, Chantilly is a sheerer version, traditionally made of lace. It's less textured than the Alencon, with flatter outlines. I love it on dresses and lingerie! Monique Lhuillier creates beautiful Chantilly lace gowns such as this one. Below is an example of 1980s Chantilly lace appliques on a veil.23827629949_3b68ebf3d2_o1k

    3. Guipure Lace - I am so happy that Guipure is back in style! The soft embroidery and open spaces are appealing in and outside of the bridal realm. The below photo is a custom veil that I created at the beginning of my career, so it holds a special place in my heart. Nadja is wearing a cathedral length drop veil with wide, rose themed guipure lace in white.nadja1

    Now see a similar guipure lace on a casual shift dress from Barneys.guipure

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